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How to Score 8 IELTS Bands in One Month?

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Are you hoping to score 8 bands in the IELTS exam within a month? With preparation and dedication, it is possible to achieve this goal!

IELTS is an intensive program designed to help you get 8+ bands in the IELTS exam in just 1 month. Built on proven techniques, our IELTS coaching program starts from the basics and progresses quickly through all content of the IELTS syllabus.

We cover Speaking, Reading, Writing and IELTS Listening topics along with strategies and tips to succeed in this extremely competitive test.

This guide will provide you with tips, strategies and resources to help you get the most out of your practice and preparation for IELTS exam.

5 Steps & Get 8+ IELTS Bands in 4 Weeks

  • Establish Your Study Plan
  • Work on Counter Arguments & Debate Skills
  • Review Sample Tests & Solutions
  • Understand & Practice Test Question Types
  • Refine Results with Express Feedback Methodology

Establish Your Study Plan

Creating a detailed study plan is essential to achieving your goal of scoring 8 bands on the IELTS exam. Determine when you are going to begin studying, how many hours each day you will dedicate to studying and what types of materials you will use.

Make sure to include some time for practice exams and review sessions so that you can measure your progress. Additionally, create ways to adapt the plan if needed, such as including days off or shifting the duration of specific topics.

Work on Counter Arguments & Debate Skills

Working on counter arguments and debate skills can help you improve your IELTS score significantly. This skill set will help you develop a better understanding of language components, like vocabulary and grammar.

Practice opposing arguments with other test takers or those with a similar level of skill as yourself. Talk about various topics related to the IELTS exam and attempt to support contrasting ideas. You should also practice different writing formats in which you present your views.

Review Sample Tests & Solutions

Taking sample tests is probably the most important activity that you can do to score higher in your IELTS exam. Sample tests provide you with an exact idea of what kind of questions are being asked and how they could be answered.

It also helps with time management and understanding different types of questions like matching, multiple choice, true or false, etc. Furthermore, studying solutions to these sample tests can help in identifying areas that need improvement so that you can work on them better.

Understand & Practice Test Question Types

Before taking the IELTS test, it is important to be familiar with the types of questions that are asked and how to answer them correctly.

Make sure you understand what you are being asked and the best approach to answers the question correctly.

Sample tests can help you practice different types of questions including matching, multiple choice, true or false, etc., so that you know exactly how to approach those questions when it comes time for your exam.

Refine Results with Express Feedback Methodology

Once you have gone through your practice tests and taken note of any errors, you can use the Express Feedback Methodology to refine your results.

This methodology involves breaking down each question type into smaller components, such as identifying the main thesis of an argumentative essay or understanding what is being asked in a multiple choice question.

By analyzing each component at a time and pinpointing where exactly you made mistakes, you can further improve your score on the IELTS exam.


  • A guided study program with practice tests.
  • Practice session for all four modulesReading, Writing, Speaking and Listening
  • End of module assessment for measuring progress
  • Video lectures for each module
  • Live interactive sessions with an expert instructor


  • Improve your overall band scores in all four modules of the test quickly and easily
  • Learn time management strategies, so you don’t run out of time during the test
  • Get guidance from our expert instructors about tackling each section effectively
  • Develop strong English language skills important for achieving your desired marks


This organized course is designed to teach you effective strategies and techniques to help you accomplish in four weeks what could have taken months of preparation.

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