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Back Pack solutions for Live video transmission? 

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The “Live” technique is becoming increasingly popular on broadcast television, Internet channels, and social media. Today, live video streaming solutions are used for corporate communications, marketing, sales, business development, etc. 

In recent years, technological advances in digital encoding and computing, as well as progress in mobile communications (3G/4G/LTE/5G), have given rise to broadcasting backpacks, or just ‘the backpack’ in audiovisual slang. They are not just padded transport bags that protect equipment from impacts. Instead, they are also broadcast solutions that make the most of the available capacity in mobile phone networks. 

It allows video, audio, and FTP broadcasts to take place nearly instantaneously and from anywhere with mobile coverage without the need for satellite support.

Aspects to consider while choosing backpack live video transmission solutions

The Internet has even become a real-time alternative to more traditional fiber and satellite broadcasting, reaching places with increased technical complexity. Due to their lightweight design, backpacks can now be used by broadcasters and content creators to broadcast live videos.

When choosing a backpack for live video transmission, keep these parameters in mind:

Complete solution

A streaming backpack consists of multiple components that are perfectly coordinated to create a complete live-streaming solution. You can start streaming right away with a backpack.

Longer battery life

A backpack should have a high-end built-in battery for a longer operational time and also be capable of connecting an external/additional battery. In addition to good quality, the battery should last for a long time. 

Stable internet connection

Streaming video from outdoors needs a stable internet connection. Hence, it should support all types of internet connections, such as LTE, 4G/3G, LAN, WiFi, etc. In addition to providing internet access, it should also have a bonding solution for aggregating signals. 

User friendly

It should be easy for users to carry, operate and maintain. An operator should have minimal technical setup for using the solution. 

Video resolution

It should support all video resolutions for streaming, including SD, HD, 4K, etc. It should also support multiple output formats, such as RTMP, SRT, HLS, and UDP.


Despite the fact that backpacks should have the latest technology and be a complete solution, the price should be affordable for everyone.

After Sales Support

It is important that video streaming applications work correctly, and if they do not, it will create big problems for users. Thus, a company should have local service centers to provide instant support if required. It is essential that service centers have enough technical manpower and spare parts to resolve any technical issue.

Product Portfolio

Companies offering backpacks should have a wide range of product portfolios so that they can cater to the requirements of multiple types of users. So, the company’s varied product portfolio also ensures that it works actively in the segment and will continue to work on innovative solutions in the future.

Choose LiveU backpack solutions! 

LiveU is pioneering in offering backpack solutions. The company has extensive experience in live video broadcasting globally. Global broadcasters, news agencies, sports agencies, TV stations, mobile devices, and online and social media companies choose LiveU’s technology over competitors in more than 130 countries. 

Here are the most relevant broadcast backpacks offered by LiveU: 

LiveU Solo 

The LiveU Solo offers one-touch live streaming, right from your camera to any web destination. Thus, Log into your web-based Solo portal, select your destination, and go live seamlessly by connecting it to your camera, video switcher, or any other video source!

LiveU 300 

LiveU 300 offers a powerful small-sized portable 5G video transmission solution for broadcast operations and live coverage. So, this backpack helps to deliver 4K 10-bit HDR broadcast-grade video over 5G and other cellular/IP networks at a lesser cost. 

LiveU 600 

This live video transmission backpack offers excellent video performance with extreme bandwidth efficiency. It is available in two configurations: HD and 4K-HDMI. 

LiveU 800

LiveU has won the Frost & Sullivan 2021 North American New Product Innovation Award for its LU800 unit. It is the first production-level field unit that delivers mission-critical transmission for global newsgathering and live productions in native 5G. 

Core advantages of these LiveU Back Pack solutions

Each one of these LiveU broadcast backpack-based solutions offers several advantages including:

  • Allow every camera operator to cover a live broadcast point at any time and at any location
  • Provide a reliable and high-quality broadcast experience over 4G LTE and 5G
  • Decrease live video transmission costs
  • Stream live in seconds 

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