9 Male-Dominated Careers That Women Are Totally Crushing

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There are some careers that men dominate. However, this is a traditional mindset because more women are getting into male-dominated careers and doing exceptionally great. Many of these male-dominated careers have great pay, and both genders can perform well. 

As a woman, nothing should stop you from chasing your career ambitions if you have a passion for a certain field. However, the world is changing, and more opportunities for women are emerging. Below are some of the male-dominated careers that women are totally crushing. 

Auto mechanic 

This is your career path if you have a passion for fixing cars. Although men mainly dominate this career, more women are doing great and earning huge salaries. This career has a huge scope which gives more options. This field is an excellent example of how women can work in any profession. 


Many people consider science to be a male career. This is because many chemists and physicists around the world are men. To enter this field, you must complete all necessary education programs. There is a huge demand for women in this field, so consider choosing a career path here. 

Accounting and finance 

Accounting is a career mainly dominated by men. Therefore, some women express significant concerns about unequal pay in this field. However, you can learn the latest accounting software and methods to gain an edge. 

Law enforcement 

To enter this field, you must undergo special training in handling firearms and maintain good fitness levels. Law enforcement is male-dominated because it requires good fitness levels. However, more women are excelling in this field and coming up the ranks. 


The technology industry is still growing, which creates more opportunities for women. This field has a wide scope, for example, creating software and fixing hardware. More women are getting huge salaries, even more than men. At Kim jones alliance, we offer career guidance for women in tech, which is vital for you to excel in this field. 


Many people consider plumbing a male career because it includes a lot of dirty work. However, plumbers make great salaries, and this field is a great option for women who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Many women do great in this field and own plumbing companies. 


A huge stereotype in aviation is that women can only work as air hostesses. However, more women are training to become pilots and flight engineers. This career path requires extensive education and training. Additionally, to excel, you need to have a passion for aviation and excel academically to stand out.

Culinary Arts

Most executive chefs around the world are men. Although there are women in this field, men make more money. However, you can succeed by showcasing your skills and passion.


Education and hard work are important for you to excel in this field. Unfortunately, many lawyers and judges all over the world are men. However, with dedication and hard work, you can excel in this field and earn a huge salary. 

Some careers are male-dominated, but you should still follow your ambitions and excel. Gender should not stop you from pursuing any career, provided you are hardworking. At Kim Jones alliance, we offer executive leadership and career coaching for you to excel in any field.

Some professions are dominated by men. However, this is a typical viewpoint because more women are entering fields that are dominated by men and excelling in them. Many of these careers dominated by men pay well, and both sexes can excel in them.

If you are a woman who is passionate about a particular industry, nothing should stop you from pursuing your career goals. However, as the globe evolves, more opportunities for women are beginning to materialise. Here are a few traditionally male-dominated professions that women are smashing.

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