7 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Yoga Teacher Training

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When we continue the journey of yoga on a serious note, a yoga teacher training in India often comes to mind.

Whether you pick the best yoga school in Rishikesh, the yoga capital, or in Kerala, Goa, Pondicherry, or Mysore.

Everything set aside, there are certain questions that you need to ask yourself before beginning the hunt for the best yoga courses in India, or anywhere else in the world.

In this article,
we are going to ask the seven most important questions that every aspiring yoga teacher should ask when selecting yoga teacher training. 

Yoga Class in Rishikesh

What do I seek from yoga teacher training?

This is the most important question one needs to ask when thinking about going for a yoga teacher training program. What is that you seek as an outcome or in the form of a journey,

when you are undergoing a teacher training course?

Do you want to gain mental and physical fitness combined with spiritual immersions so you can work towards forming a deeper connection between your mind, body, and spirit? Or are you just looking to become more physically active and gain overall fitness?

Are you looking to gain knowledge on the traditional aspects of yoga or looking for something that you can fit into a contemporary lifestyle? The answers to these questions will help you get started on picking the right yoga teacher training fit for you. 

Where do I want to do my yoga teacher training?

The next important question is picking the right location for undergoing serious yoga practices. That come in the form of yoga teacher training courses.

Once you get an answer to the above question about what kind of outcomes you seek, you will be better equipped to make a decision on this one. For instance, if you are looking for traditional and authentic immersion then go with a yoga teacher training in India.

The yoga courses in India conducted at the best yoga school in Rishikesh, Kerala, Mysore, and a few other prominent yogic destinations in the country, take you through a whole new journey of transformative experiences.

If you are looking for something entirely contemporary to balance your physical health then you can pick a yoga school that is closer to home. 

What type of yoga school am I looking for?

Once you have frozen upon a location or location, you can filter out the best yoga schools that offer your kind of program.

For traditional Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga courses, you can go with Hatha Yoga in Rishikesh or Ashtanga Yoga courses in Mysore, since both are the respective birthplaces of these yoga forms.

Once you have filtered the yoga schools that offer the courses you are looking for, it is better to gaze into the credentials of the school.

Ideally, a yoga teacher training program should be studied at a yoga school whose YTT programs are recognized by Yoga Alliance so you can teach the art of yoga anywhere across the globe. 

If you are ready to take this on, then congratulations, because after every night, there is a morning.

Am I ready for a yoga teacher training program?

Perhaps, this should be the first question or this could be the question that you ask right before you are almost locking up a yoga teacher training program of your choice. Ask yourself once more, “Are you ready for a yoga teacher training program?”.

It is a big commitment on both emotional and physical levels. Are you ready to feel vulnerable?

Because a yoga teacher training program opens up a whirlwind of emotions and physical barriers that you might have kept locked for years.

If you are ready to take this on, then congratulations, because after every night, there is a morning.

Similarly, after every drop of pain you might feel (mental or physical), there is an ocean of positivity and happiness at the end of it all. Just keep doing the work as you get to it.

When you go with the best yoga school or the best yoga teacher, the crux and outcomes of the programs lie with you first. Do the work and you shall reap the fruit for sure.  Explore more – 
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